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 Paul & Co 

 Professional Genuine Scale Changer Harmonium
Upright Standard (Non-Collapsible Model)

 3 Sets Professional Palitana Reeds - 7 Shrutis (Grundtöne) - 4 Register - Coupler
 exquisitely high quality finished - Auto Push - soft action Keys - Tuned  A-440 Hz.
- Completely made of Teakwood

- Lieferumfang: gepolsterte Hülle

 "Die Harmonium von Paul & Co in Kolkata sind seit langem eine Legende. Paul & Co Harmonium gelten in deren Qualitäten als unerreicht".



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 Paloma Premium D 39-4

 Professional Quality

 - 3 1/4 Oktaven, mit 4 Shrutis (Grundtönen) und 4 Register. Ausführung in Teak-Holz.
3 3/4 Oktaven, mit 6 Shrutis (Grundtönen) und 6 Register. Ausführung in Teak-Holz.
Tuned to A-442 Hz, auf Wunsch auch  A-440 Hz erhältlich.

 - Grösse: H 26cm, B 54cm, T 31cm
 - Gewicht: 8,6 kg

 - Lieferumfang: gepolsterte Tasche

 "Qualitativ hochwertiges Instrument mit vollem Tonumfang, kräftigem Klang und herausragender Verarbeitungsqualität".



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 Paloma Compactina

 Professional Quality

 Kompaktes Travel-Harmonium mit eingebauter Shruti Box in Teak-Holz mit Palitana Professional Reeds.
- 3 1/2 Oktaven, mit 5 Shrutis (Grundtönen).  - Tuned  A-440 Hz.

 - Masse: H 26cm, B 58cm, T 17cm
 - Gewicht: 6,4kg !

 - Lieferumfang: Nylon Gigbag

"By far, one of the smallest and lightest full function harmonium model, even without any folding mechanism it is only half as deep as the simplest standard harmoniums. It can be carried under one arm and is easily stored away. All that is achieved just by intelligent construction, without the slightest compromise in the typical Paloma sound quality or playability.Its unique charm is further enriched by the attractive design and surface finishing: Instead of the usual glossy shellac polish all surfaces have been treated with wax in order to enhance the beauty of the natural wood veining. The focus on noble natural beauty is evident in the tasteful selection and composition of decorative elements as well. Assembly is done with utmost care for detail at a quality level way beyond common Indian standards."



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